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March 2011

I have just published a new paper “Observational evidence favors a static universe” in volume 11 of Journal of Cosmology in 3 parts. A single file version (96pp and about 1MB) that is essentially identical to the three papers is available at arXiv 1009.0953: http://arxiv.org/abs/1009.0953

It includes a table of contents, hyperlinks and several minor corrections. It is also available at the link “static universe” on the left.  This paper supersedes all my previous work.


This is my personal website whose main purpose is to provide my personal details and information about my book “Curvature Cosmology”

This is an alternative cosmological theory to the Big Bang model and has excellent agreement with most observations.

The link (on the left) will download a PDF version of the 2nd edition of “Curvature Cosmology” to your browser.

The book has 161 pages, 31figures and 29 tables.


The file is 1.18Mbytes and is formatted for A4 Last updated 2009/02/03



Curvature Cosmology Second Edition

Static universe